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Remedial Massage and its huge benefits

Sports and Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Massage?

"Remedial" massage therapy, simply means using manual therapy techniques to try to "remedy" a problem. But to offer a remedy you must do more than just relieve pain; you must also be able to understand how the problem came about and how it can be avoided in the future.

We use a range of massage and advanced soft tissue techniques set within a framework of assessment and rehabilitation procedures. As well as dealing effectively with a variety of musculoskeletal problems this can also be used to help in recovery and reduce the symptoms in many medical conditions too.

Some examples of the conditions which can be treated and helped are, musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain, headaches (including migraine), irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, Reynaud's Syndrome, whiplash, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow.
Sport Massage

How Does Sport Massage Differ from Other Massage Treatments?

Sport massage is a specialist area within Remedial massage therapy which applies all the same techniques and principles in a way that best meet the specific needs of the athlete.

This form of massage comprises of a number of techniques designed to help treat soft tissue damage, muscular pain, tendons, ligaments and postural problems as well as preparing you for sport and other types of exercise.  Sport massage can also help you with rehabilitation after injury.

Advice on specific stretching or strengthening exercises which will work with and complement the therapy treatments may also be given.

Through gaining an understanding of how a problem is caused it is possible to give treatments and put forward suggestions on how problems can be avoided in the future as well as suggest ways in which particular symptoms can be alleviated.

What Benefits Will I Gain From Sport & Remedial Massage?

Sport massage can help to relieve the stress and tension which hinders the achievement of optimum performance, as well as reducing the likelihood of incurring injury during exercise.

The use of the deep tissue techniques can be particularly effective when treating minor soft tissue problems and help to speed up the recovery time and aid rehabilitation should an injury occur.  Through maintaining the full range of movement and increased muscle flexibility any niggling aches and pains can be managed before they develop into more serious overuse injuries.

Benefits can also be gained both pre and post event whether your needs are for stimulation, relaxation or recovery.  It is also very beneficial in aiding relief from stress, tension and fatigue regardless of your level of activity and whether or not this is caused through sporting, recreational or occupational activity.
Some examples of the sporting strains which can be treated and helped are overuse injuries such as runner's knee, tendinitis, foot, ankle, elbow or wrist complaints, ligament injuries and reduced mobility or mechanical limitations.
Sport and Remedial Massage Clinic
Sports Massage Therapy Exeter

Myofascia Sling Chains

For a while  now, we’ve been delineating hand to foot continuities that run throughout the body, providing strength, flexibility and a more developed sense of one’s body in space as they unfold. These patterns of uninterrupted flow, created by sequences of muscle, tendon, fascia and bone, come and go with movement.
We saw, last time, how motion of the hands helps create lines of pull that travel by various routes up into the torso. Our task today is to look for some of the strings that will convey these impulses from the torso down into the pelvis, legs and feet.
Back of the torso
A good place to start is at the back of the trunk. Remember that you can enlarge an image simply by clicking on it. (Thomas Myers)

Sports Massage

Kinesiology taping is definitely the buzzword at the moment in the field of Sports Medicine. Many top professional teams in a wide variety of sectors of sport in both the UK and wider afield are having this new phenomenal tape applied to them. During a goal celebration at Euro 2012 Italy's Mario Balotelli revealed three wide stripes of light blue tape on his lower back. At Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic had the tape on his elbow. It also featured at the London 2012 Olympics.

But what is Kinesiology tape and how does it work? When a muscle is swollen the area between the skin and the muscle is compressed which constricts the flow of lymphatic fluid. This results in discomfort and pain. Kinesiology tape, when applied with the correct application method, will lift the skin to ease the pain and absorb inflammation of the muscle. In addition it will raise the area between the skin and the muscles to enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage. Stretching the skin and muscles before tape application is essential, due to the wrinkling effect that occurs when the skin is taped and in normal position and so it is often applied in conjunction with massage treatment. As the body moves the tape will function as a pump, continually stimulating lymphatic circulation. As the technique relieves localised pressure on pain receptors muscle pain should be reduced.

Kinesiology taping can aid sports injuries by;

Relieving pain
Supporting muscles in movement
Removing lymphatic fluid congestion
Correcting joint mis-alignment
Assisting in positioning a muscle or joint into proper position for rehabilitation
Assisting a weak muscle by placing it in a normal position
Correct your gait cycle and postural problems
Increasing the red blood cells ( increasing oxygen to the muscles )

Sports Massage Therapy Exeter is fully qualified and trained with John Gibbons in Advanced kinesiology taping for the athlete and also trained by the leading tutors at Rocktape UK (Level 1 and Level 2 kinesiology taping). If you feel your team or team members, may be able to benefit from my experience I would be very happy to discuss my services further. As a Sports and Remedial massage therapist, physical therapist and personal trainer I use all my knowledge in anatomy and physiology to treat patients/clients in a very professional manner to keep my clients performing at their highest levels physically possible.

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